Tahoe BMP

Tahoe's Green Hotel

1. Sustainable Sites

Covered under Sustainable Sites is the building exterior, pest management, reduced land disturbance, storm water management, heat island reduction, alternative commuting and light pollution. Some of the specific efforts pertaining to Sustainable sites made at 968 Park Hotel are as follows:

2. Water Efficiency

Covered under water efficiency is indoor plumbing and water efficient landscaping. Some of the specific efforts made by 968 Park Hotel to contribute to water efficiency are as follows:

3. Energy & Atmosphere

Addressed in Energy & Atmosphere is the usage and operation of energy efficient equipment and the reduction of greenhouse gasses. Some of the specific efforts made by 968 Park Hotel to contribute to Energy and Atmosphere are as follows:

4. Materials & Resources

This section addresses the environmental impacts of materials and foods acquired as it relates to resources, toxins, disposal, and region from which it was obtained.

Materials and products obtained for capital projects are made from recycled, sustainable and natural materials. Examples include:

5. Indoor Environmental Quality

This section addresses the air quality within the building as it pertains to the health of the occupants.

6. Innovation in Operation

This section under the LEED certification offers additional points for innovative ideas not necessarily covered in the previous categories.