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Train with MTV's Joey Gloor

An Exclusive offer from 968 Park Hotel

You have seen Joey Gloor helping people to lose weight and change their life on MTV's hit show, "I Used to be Fat". Enjoy a life changing week in Lake Tahoe where Joey teaches you how to incorporate healthy living habits, nutritional tricks and foundational techniques for a healthy lifestyle.

Your stay includes 6 nights at 968 Park Hotel, catered meals, beach group fitness classes, hikes to some of Lake Tahoe's most famous locations, conventional gym workouts, seminars and more. Joey will be leading the week with assistance from his most trusted training assistants.

Meals will be healthy and tasty, custom sized to your needs. Expect fresh eggs, chicken sausage, oat meal, chicken breast, brown rice, sweet potatoes, fresh fish, veggies salad and more.

The camp is limited to just 12 people, so you can expect a lot of one-on-one attention from Joey and his assistants. You will have group activities and smaller training sessions with just 1-3 people.

Total: $1,999

To book call us at (530) 544-0968.

Meet Joey Gloor

Joey Gloor

Josef Gloor is an award-winning teacher, international fitness spokesmodel, television personality, and a life-changing personal trainer.

Joey Gloor was a skinny kid fascinated by language and creative self-expression. Then in high school his older brother, Andreas, gave him some dumbbells and instructions and changed his life forever. By the age of 18 he got his first job as a personal trainer. Joey quickly becoming a fitness phenom, training Olympic-level athletes and appearing in national-level contests, magazines, and advertisements.

After reaching all the initial goals he set in the fitness industry, he realized his greatest joy came from helping others reach their goals. Recently on MTV's "I Used to be Fat". Joey helped an overweight young man loose 110 pounds in 90 days. Check out this clip from the show. Also watch how another client lost 55 pounds in just two months right here.

Meet Priscilla Christine

Priscilla Christine "I've been involved in athletics since my youth. I've taken my level of fitness to a higher level by focusing on diet and advanced training techniques. I am inspired to encourage health and fitness in other people. Especially with my Latin folks because we enjoy a culture of food & I know that struggle. Basically if there's tapatio on it, I'm eating it."

Meet Natashia Dallin

natashia dallin With a BS in Biology, Natashia brings a scientific approach to wellness. She is precise and articulate in her training and communicates concepts very effectively, Currently Natashia is a group fitness trainer, personal trainer and competitor. She works as a wellness coach for Walgreen's corporation where she provides wellness counseling for major companies. She has competed several times, always taking home a trophy and at the NPC Tahoe Show was voted the People's Choice landing her in Muscular Development Magazine.

Meet Chris Minnes

chris minnes

"The trainer of trainers" Chris's extensive experience working in the fitness world with names like IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski, IFBB Pro Greg Atoyan, Charles Glass, IFBB Pro Chris Cormier, Joey Gloor, IFBB Pro Kris Murrell and many more have created a depth of knowledge that has made him the trainer who trainers hire.

Chris has and extensive powerlifting background hold numerous state records. He is an NPC bodybuilder and the promoter of the IFBB/NPC Tahoe Show and IFBB/NPC Ferrigno Legacy. Chris has also been featured in videos on

Chris also has been participating in mountain sports fro decades. He is a PSIA certified ski instructor and former ski racer. He is an avid mountain biker and former mt. bike competitor. You may also find him jogging around the Tahoe Rim trail above elevation 9,000.

Limited space available. Call us at (530) 544-0968 to book.